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>John Caldwell

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John Caldwell - Creator SEO

John Caldwell

John Caldwell is co-founder and Managing Director of CreatorSEO. Over the last two decades, John has developed an impressive portfolio of experience in international business, more recently applying his extensive knowledge and skills as one of Ireland's top Search Engine Optimisation strategists. John and CreatorSEO are on the Enterprise Ireland panel of Internet Marketing/eBusiness Trainers and Advisers. John regularly speaks at Enterprise Ireland Internet marketing events. John is also an Enterprise Ireland mentor for strategy and Internet marketing. John’s specialties include: Data Analytics, Data Analysis, knowledge generation, Internet Marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimisation, On-line demand generation, Customer Insights, Performance metrics, Strategic alliances, Sales, channel management, and International business. John works across a wide range of industry sectors providing no-nonsense strategic direction, concentrating on the cost-effective use of SEO as an integral part of marketing, sales and business strategy. The CreatorSEO team focuses on enhancing clients’ on-line presence as a mechanism to enhance revenue and profitability.